Is He Losing Interest In You? 

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Do you feel your man is pulling away from you?

  • A.  Not really
  • B.  Sometimes
  • C.  I'm beginning to see the signs
  • D.  Yes, definitely

Do you think the past is hurting your relationship?

  • A.  I'm beginning to think so.
  • B.  It seems he's taking longer to get over our petty arguments 
  • C.  Yes, he focuses on the bad aspects of our relationship rather than the good
  • D.  Yes, he dwells on our past mistakes and can't seem to move away from them

If given a guaranteed relationship makeover, would you use it?

  • A.  Sure, depending on what's involved
  • B.  I'll try anything once
  • C.  Yes, I've been wanting to find a solution
  • D.  Yes, I believe in our relationship and will do whatever it takes

How ready are you to erase the past and start rewriting your relationship?

  • A.  I'll get started as soon as I find the time
  • B.  I'm ready.  I just don't know what to do
  • C.  I'm ready and need to start yesterday
  • D.  I'm ready and looking forward to renewing my relationship  

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